Ok, read carefully.  No questions allowed.  Kidding. If you have questions, please submit them to www.nobodycares.com/hnl

The one way run will be for folks looking for 10, 5, and 3 miles. 

10 Milers - Meet at Holy Grove Church on Holy Grove Church Road at 6:05 AM.  We will park our cars there and LEAVE THE PARKING LOT AT 6:15 AM. We will then drive to the park on Blue Smoke Trail for a 6:30 start.

5 Milers - Meet in the cul de sac of Sawmill Trace at 7:10 AM.  Be patient. Wait for us in the street and we'll be by soon enough.

3 Milers - Meet at Oak Grove Elementary at 7:30.  Be in front of the school and we will pick you up.  IF you find yourself in the parking lot at 7:35 and we still haven't shown up please ask yourself how you feel about this. If your impatience causes you distress, punch yourself in the face and keep waiting, we'll be there.

Yes, I feel violent and angry because my computer sucks and Google Earth wants to see me dead.  Be there!

1, 4, 3, that's the way it is

6:30 - Willowbend mile
6:45 - Four you
7:30 - Easy as pi

Make it happen. Someone please visit the routes page and send them to your phone to see how they work.  See you dark and early!

Clock In

I've changed the routes page to be a little more bland but useful.  Click the link for the route and have it sent to your phone so you'll know where we are and how you're doing.  Tomorrow will be a little longer than 1, 3, and 3 as the email stated.  Willowbend Mile at 6:30, Easy as Pi at 6:45, and Currahee at 7:20.  Bring your punch cards, it's time to work.

1st run of 2015

We need to get our minds right for 2015, this is the way to do it!  We'll meet at Drake at 6:30 am for the Willowbend Mile, 6:45 for Two the Wrong Way, then 7:05 for Three the Hard Way.  Thanks to Scott we have this super cool website to keep track of all sorts of things to include your mileage for 2015!  Details to come.  For now, check out the routes page for detailed info on the run.  See you fruitcakes there!