Wednesday Run

Get your minds for a different type of relay run tomorrow.  We'll meet at Huddleston Pond for a 5:30 AM start.  Bring a positive attitude and your desire to obliterate calories.  It's going to be great!

3/21/15 - Back to Drake

Three options from Drake tomorrow.

6:30 am - 10K route (no front to backs)

7:30 am - 60 min loop with front to backs

8:30 am - Backwards 5K training 0.75 mile loop

Gonna be fun!

3.1415 Pi day run, NEW LOCATION

NEW LOCATION ALERT! We'll meet at Braelinn Elementary School on Robinson Road for a 6:30 start.  Tomorrow is Pi Day, 3.1415, so we'll honor the occasion with a large circular route.  All distances are welcome.  There will be one large 120 minute loop and all other distances will be an out and back route.  Just plan on your distance at a 10:00 min average then divide in half to calculate your turnaround time.  For example, people wanting 6 miles (60 min) should plan to turn around after 30 min of running.  Easy as Pi!  

Also, we need to have a discussion.  Since our race was cancelled, we've become orphans.  If you've got a suggestion for a race to replace it, please speak up.  I've done some searching and can't really find one around the same date.  My suggestion is this: HNL one way 13.1 race day on 4/26/15.  Also, any interest in a 2015 non V-neck shirt?  Think about these things.

Two loops, new location

Our two loop run will start and end at Huddleston Elementary in Peachtree City tomorrow.  There will be a five mile loop at 6:30 AM and another at 7:20 AM.  Invite someone and join us!  Please remember that the start is NOT IN THE NORMAL PLACE!!