A couple of significant holidays tomorrow: Loomis Day and Mint Julip Day. Neither one will be discussed in much detail as we do a 30 minute run starting at 0630am and a 60 minute run immediately following at 7:00am. Both runs will start from Starbucks at the Avenue. As always, all paces welcome. Let us know if your plans include HNL tomorrow.

Celebrate Summer Run

School's out!  Tomorrow we'll start from a new location for two loops.  We'll start at Oak Grove Elementary School on Crosstown Road at 6:30 for a 30 min loop then 7:00 for a 60 minute loop.  Please feel free to bring gifts or cards for Izzy, she'd appreciate that.  If you see her in public, don't stare.  Doc says once the swelling goes down, she'll be right as rain.  It's not easy having your adams apple shaved down. 

Don't forget! Oak Grove at 6:30 for 3, 7:00 for 6!

Perfect Weather Run

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. Sunrise style run starting from Drake at 6:30.  20 min at 6:30, 60 min at 6:50, 30 min at 7:50.  Be there!

20-30-60 All from Drake

20 min at 6:30

30 min at 6:50

60 min at 7:20

All loops start from Drake.  All paces welcome!  Bring a buddy and make it fun!