Ernie South leads the way. LOCATION CHANGE, TIME CHANGE!

It’s a new month and time for some changes now that there are 3 new sheriff’s in town taking over for Josh in his absence this Saturday. Note the change in location and more importantly later start times!   


Location for the start and finish of all 3 runs: Glenloch Soccer fields parking lot.


Start Times - duration, (leader).

6:30 - 45 mins. (Ernie)

7:15 - 45 mins. (David)

8:00 - 30 mins. (Izzy or her delegate)


All paces welcome. Remember, we start as a group and more importantly, finish as a group! That’s just one of the many things that make HNL unique and fun (read HNL 101 for more details).

VENUE CHANGE. 3 routes with early option.

For 7/24 we'll meet at a new location, Oak Grove Elementary School on Crosstown Road in Peachtree City.  There will be three options for the bold:

5:15 - 45 min
6:00 - 45 min
6:45 - 30 min

If you are interested in running less for one of the 45 min routes, just show up and we'll give you a turnaround time.  Should be a warm morning, perfect for hard ass work.  #OscarMike

EARLY OPTION REPEAT! 5:15, 6:00, and 6:45!

With the great response we had last week, we'll try the earlier times once again.  All runs start at Drake.

5:15 - 45 min (there will be a few 3 mile runners here)
6:00 - 45 min
6:45 - 30 min

Should be a good time, please bring a friend and show them what the coolest running group looks like.  Front to backs, all the good stuff, nobody left behind.  I should have a half marathon schedule (based on Soldier Half and Full) out by the end of the weekend.  It'll be on the menu up top!

We need a leader for next Saturday.  Will it be you?

NEW TIMES - Three options for 7/11 - All starting at Drake

It’s gonna get real in the morning.  Three options to satisfy all your needs. 

5:15 – 45 min

6:00 – 45 min

6:45 – 30 min

You read that right, three options. The 6:45 option might need a leader if you don’t think the mass can handle 15 min out and 15 min back without trouble.  There will be varying terrain and elevations so come prepared to work.  Hoping for some trail running at the 6:00 option.  All paces welcome and as always, front to backs so we stay together.  Commit!  Be there!  #OscarMike

Wednesday Track! 5:30 - Riley Field - Chickin Minis

EXTRA SPECIAL RECOGNITION***   Team Chicken Minis won the 3rd of July al a carte contest.  Congrats.  I'm pretty sure team Awesome tried some David style accounting but it still wasn't enough.  Props.

Get your damn shoes on, it's time to work.  Riley Track on Wisdom Road in PTC is the place.  We'll meet for a 5:30 AM track workout.  Bring a friend!   

3rd of July à la carte Contest - TEAMS OF 3 RUNNERS

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for.  Our first a la carte contest of the year.  Teams should be three people each and be diverse in gender and nationality.  We'll pick teams at the start which is Drake.  Let's shoot for a 6:30 start so be there a little early to divide into teams.  The menu is below.  Each team will have from 6:30 to 8:30 to complete as many or as few items as they would like.  It's all on the honor system so don't be a jerk and cheat.  Winning team will have special (and I mean SPECIAL) recognition on the HNL sites.  Be there a little early but please take a look at the menu and think of a strategy.  Also, please utilize FB to ask any questions about the menu or how the scoring works.  We'll meet at Starbucks at 8:45 to collect the scores.  If you can't make it to the Starbucks portion of the event, post your team name and score before 8:45.

Complete Lake Peachtree Loop - 3 Points

Double Peak Challenge (Blue Smoke and Shake Rag) – 6 Points

10K Loop – 6 Points

PTC City limit photo with group (properly posted on the HNL page) – 3 Points

1 Complete track mile backwards – 3 Points

McIntosh High School stadium stairs circuit x10 – 4 Points

Two Kroger Challenge (being in the parking lot of each will suffice) – 6 Points

3 Elementary Schools – 3 Points

Swimming in a fountain (all team members must be in the water) – 6 Points

3 Churches – 3 Points

Swimming in a pool (all team members must be in the water) – 3 Points

Kedron Fieldhouse Hill Goodness x2 – 2 Points

Lake McIntosh Park – 6 Points

Clover Reach Pull Ups (10 each) – 2 Points

Each total mile completed by the group – 1 Point

Each American in the group – 2 Points

Each Foreign national in the group – 1 Point

Bouncing a ball between group members during the entire run – 3 Points

City Hall to Riley Track and Back – 3 Points

Fast food on the run (only 1 member has to actually eat it) – 2 Points

100 Push Ups during the run – 2 Points

100 Sit Ups during the run – 2 Points