Halloween double loop - 7:30 NEEDS LEAD

Saturday before race day!  Some are tapering, some are just out there, all will have a great time.  Two 60 minute loops both starting at Drake.  6:30 and 7:30.  7:30 loop is in need of a leader!  Step up!  See you in the am. 

Saturday run info for 10/24

Lots of options for tomorrow!  All from Drake.

6:00 – 30 min out and back

6:30 – 60 min loop

7:30 – 30 min loop

8:00 – 30 min out and back

We need a volunteer to lead the 8:00 route.  Who’s it gonna be?

Should be great weather in the morning, come ready to work!

5 Mile Ruck Run - 10/21/2015

Who's DTR?

Tomorrow morning we'll host a 5 mile ruck run from Drake at 5:30.  Bring a pack stuffed with 10% of your body weight.  Try and make the weight as diffuse as possible.  Bricks, weight plates, super dense plutonium are all bad ideas unless they are wrapped in towels.  If you have the ability, bring a pack with a belly band and chest strap, it'll control the bouncing better.  Come ready to work!  We'll run, climb, pull up, push up, crawl our way through 5 miles.  Good times to be had by all. All paces welcome!

Race day approaches. It’s time to get after it.

There will be three options tomorrow morning, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30.  Each of these will be a 60 minute loop from Drake.  All paces welcome!  Front to backs, all that.

There are about 18 squares left on the Scott Porter marathon time pool.  We need to get those filled tomorrow morning.  $1 per square, bring a dollar or two.  Once the squares are filled we’ll complete the sheet and I’ll post it for all to see. 

Next Wednesday run will be a ruck run.  No date firm yet but it’ll prolly be 10/21.  We start early on weekdays so start getting your mind right.

Odd loops, parrots with croup, doggs named Snoop

Get it? Amirite? Sorry, I don’t know what the hell any of this means. 

Here’s the good news, donations from last Saturdays run totaled $555 dollars which have been donated to H4H!  You folks are the best!  Always coming through for those in need.

Here’s the bad news, Scott Porter may have lost his toe.  The camel one.  I’m as shocked as you are to hear this news but we need to remain strong for the little fella.  He won’t be at the run so if you have any cards of condolence or flowers, please send them to his home.  Click here for more info. <---------------Risky click. 

Onto the run.  Crazy loops for lots of running options tomorrow.  Rain or fo shizzle drizzle, we’re gonna be out there. 

4:30 – 20+ mile group.  You know who you are.  Godspeed.

6:30 – 50 minute route

7:20 – 50 minute route

8:30 - ?? minute route led by kind volunteer

All paces welcome, bring a friend.  In honor of Scott’s absence, everyone bring at least four shirts to change in and out of during the run.