Zombie Apocalypse Training - Wednesday

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?  Are you sure?  Is your candy ass going to be the first out?  Come out Wednesday and see how prepared you are.  We'll meet at Huddleston Elementary on McIntosh Trail for a 5:30 start.  Bring a backpack containing 10% of your body weight, a flashlight, and your will to survive.  There will be running off road, climbing up stairs, crawling down paths, pulling up on bars, and pushing the earth down.  DO NOT SHOW UP IF YOU SCARE EASILY.  Seriously, this is gonna be somewhat intense and dark.  Need a few volunteers to help out.      

T-Day taper run, lots of options for new folks!

If you're not signed up for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half, shame on you.  It's a damn tradition!  For those who are registered, tomorrow's run is just for you.  Three options, two of them need a leader. All from Drake, all loops are super beginner friendly, bring someone!

6:30 - 50 min loop

7:30 - 60 min loop

8:30 - 30 min loop

Both 7:30 and 8:30 need leadership, I'll handle that first one.  Show up, you just might make something of yourself.

Also, please take this survey for the coolest HNL shirt we've ever had. Seriously.  $10 per shirt.  This does not guarantee your order, just gives me an idea of how many of each size to order.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SLPTM9S

11/14/15 - Cold loops – Bring a light

Hey! We’re getting the band back together!  Everybody should be there and then some!  Several people are done with races for the year, some are still training, even a few folks training for races next year!  Tomorrow would be a great day to get back to running long.  We’ll have a 20 minute option for the folks looking to get back on the horse and feel a little better about that Halloween candy they’re still eating.  Bring a friend!  Should be a great crowd. Drake.

6:30 – 30 minute loop

7:00 – 60 minute loop

8:00 – 20 minute loop

Keeping watch on the homefront. 11/7/2015 run NEW LOCATION!

While our runners are deployed at the Solider Marathon, we'll continue to keep up the fight at home.  There will be three options for long running tomorrow. All from Huddleston Elementarty on McIntosh Trail.  Do not show up at Drake!
6:00 - 30 min loop
6:30 - 60 min loop
7:30 - 60 min loop
We need a leader for the last one.  Who's in?