Saturday Ruck Info - Carry The Fallen

The ruck is on!  Here is the info you're looking for.  We will meet at the finish and carpool to the start.  If you've got a big SUV/van/peoplemover, bring it please!  If you want to volunteer to drive people, we could use your help! 

Everyone is welcome here, please bring friends! Please bring flags!  Please bring friends with flags!

Meet at PTC City Hall at 2:30.  We'll group up and leave for the start at 2:45.  The start is at Publix on 74 south, we will start at 3:00.  The route will wind through the city and finish at PTC City Hall Veteran's Memorial by 6:00.  The route is 11.45 miles, wear a pack with 25% of your body weight. I know this is a bit confusing, there will be a cheat sheet at the end.

Here is what the route looks like: