POKER RUN!!! 7/30/16 - DRAKE

Bring $5 for a poker run tomorrow.  We will distribute 1 card per 10 minutes during the 50 minute loop.  No trading of cards allowed!  Whoever has the best hand will win half the pot.  The other half of the pot will go to the HNL incorporation fund which is over halfway to being fulfilled!

6:30 - 40 min (20 min out and back for those who need it)
7:15 - 50 min POKER RUN

Be there.  Part of the fun of a poker run is finding a way to keep those sweaty ass cards from going missing.  If you lose a card, there will not be a replacement.  If you have three aces, you can afford to lose two!

Wednesday Run

Let's meet at Drake for a 5:30 start tomorrow.  Should be a 60 minute run.  Bring flashlights and water for the end.  Love those early weekday runs!

Come back to HNL! Short options!

Has it been awhile since you've run?  Do you like cool running groups? Come out and get back at it!

All times leave from Drake!

6:30 - 20 min
6:50 - 45 min
7:35 - 30 min

Should be a great day for running!  Be there!

Book drive Saturday 7/16/2016 - GREAT EVENT

This Saturday we're going to participate in a book drive being organized by our fellow runner Stacy Davis.  Read the attachment to learn more about how this came about and how we can help.  Take some time today to pick up a book or ten and help some kids out.

Start at Drake

6:30 - 30 min
7:00 - 30 min
7:30 - 30 min

BE THERE!  Make a difference for some kids facing some tough times. 

Saturday of Izzy - 7/2/16

In honor of my 35th birthday, we will run a total of 3.5 loops. Loop 1 - 6am for 60 min (10k course. Loop 2 - 7am for 30 min (Flat Creek). Loop 3 - 7:30am for 30 min (Hip Pocket). Loop 3.5 - backwards loop run in parking lot followed by lunge loop in lot and 35 squats. We will sing, dance and talk about how awesome I am. I won't even complain during the run (Ernie). I will accept hugs, water or Gatorade. Bring your smiling face and game face (it's going to be HOT!) and let's do this! Front to backs/Drake start.