Christmas Eve Run! Lots of options! Shirts are here! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Tomorrow will be the annual Christmas Eve run from Drake.  There will be quite a few options so come out if you can.

5:10 - 80 min

6:30 - 30/50/80 min - These will be whatever you want them to be.  It's going to be a 40 min out, 40 min back route.  I'll help with the math should you need it. 

Leo will be there with the coconut goodness. Don't miss out!  Starbucks to follow.

I have a shirt for Geoff, Christina, Amy, Stephanie, Trisha, Michele, Matt, Mark, Michelle, Scott, Jennifer, Brett, Kathy, Anna, Doris, Mikema, and Josh.  Wait, I'm totally wearing mine tomorrow! 

Temps back to normal, still need coats, three loops

Still need some coats as we had a smaller group last week because of the temps.  We will deliver the coats before Christmas and before the temps bottom out again.  Used coats please, adult and child sizes.  Please drop the coats on the rock in the island of the parking lot before your loop.

There will be three options for tomorrow.  The super early option is not for the faint of heart but for those looking to get it done.  The last loop needs a leader.

4:45 – 100 min

6:30 – 50 min

7:30 – 30 min

Next Saturday WILL BE A RUN DAY.  There will be an option for those who’d like to return for some Christmas cheer.  When is Leo bringing that awesome coconut drink?

Chilly Run - Coat Donation - Good Times

Two options for tomorrow's run.  Full marathon folks keep getting up earlier and earlier!  You half folks need to jump in now or have regret in March.  Full marathoners distance is 14, half is 3.  Starting at Drake.  The cold makes us aware that there are some folks who live outside and nights like tonight and the temps will be brutal.  Get in that coat closet and bring a coat to donate.  The collected coats will be delivered to Atlanta Union Mission, a great organization we've partnered with before.  We will also keep some of the coats for a great Atlanta ruck/delivery opportunity coming soon. 

Here are the details:

5:15 - 75 min

6:30 - 60 min

The 6:30 loop will have turnaround options for those wanting less than a 10K.  Don't be afraid of the cold!  Come out and bring that coat!   

12/3 - Two options, one goal - Full and half plans posted - NEW LOCATION - Trail option - This looks like a stock ticker....

Two options. The next 12 weeks long runs will be Snickers Marathon and Half focused.  The HNL training plans are posted at the tab above.  If you're having trouble locating the tab for the training plan, kindly see yourself to the door.

We have 12 weeks until race day and the plans are designed to get you across the finish line.  Here are some common questions:

"Will it be enough to run only on Saturday?"

"Isn't 22-24 miles too much?"

"Can we run a different race?"

"Can I bring my dog/kid/husband/cousin?"

"Can I skip some of the longer runs?"

"Is Bret Lathem a male model?"

"Can I decide to join later?"

"Can we PLEASE stop doing front to backs?"

"Can I really go from couch to half THAT easy?"

"Won't all the hotel rooms be taken?"

No x10.

Now that we've addressed your concerns, get to and register. That is all. If you have any additional questions, please direct them to

Tomorrow should be lots of fun.  We will have a 40ish minute trail run at 7:00.  Cool, right?  If you don't want to run 13 miles tomorrow, please meet at Heritage Christian Church 2130 Redwine Road, Fayetteville, GA 30215.  For the 13+ milers, meet at Kmart on Crosstown.

6:10 - 5 miles to Heritage Christian Church

7:00 - 40ish min Heritage Trail Run

7:40 - 5 miles back to K-Mart.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  See address above.