4 x 5 = Cloverleaf Fun on 1/28/16

Gonna be a little cold tomorrow so come correct.  We will have lots of options for just about everybody.  There will be four different 50 minute loops starting early continuing through the sunrise.  Drake is the start for all loops.  Once we're done, the map should look like a cloverleaf. We'll see about that.

4:30 - 50 min

5:20 - 50 min

6:10 - 50 min

7:00 - 50 min

See you dark and early.  Bring extra motivation for our 20 mile virgins.

1/21/17 - DRAKE for fun!

Three loops tomorrow, all from Drake:

4:30 - 60 min

5:30 - 70 min

6:40 - 60 min

Gonna be great!  Be there! Rain or shine!

New Year, New You! 1/14/17 info

Ready Ready! New year, time to get out here and get after it.  Weather is gonna be great, route is gonna be great, times are gonna be great.  NO EXCUSES!  Lots of options of all who are interested.  Hurry and sign up for the cupid chase before it's too late.  There is already an HNL group so join up and race with us.  http://www.thecupidchase.org/

Lots of options for tomorrow!

5:00 - 40 min

5:45 - 40 min


Y'all come on out tomorrow and get back to it!

HNL Inc.


Just wanted to give you a quick update on what's new in the HNL world. We've started the incorporation process and hope to soon be a legit organization in the eyes of the government. We've also started the application process to obtain non-profit status from the IRS. This will take a bit longer but totally worth it. 

Really appreciate your support over the years and look forward to what's next. One of our goals is to host an HNL road race here in PTC. This would be a great opportunity to spread the word about HNL and our mission. Some of you might be asking yourself just that question, "what is the mission of HNL?" The answer is that HNL has been and will be a source of good in the world to help meet unmet needs and spread kindness with what we have. "Getting minds right" has always been our mantra and moving forward, we're going to continue to do just that. 

Thanks for being part of what we have going on! The future is bright and the possibilities are endless. With formal organization will come bigger projects and a sturdy platform to stand on as we change the world! 

Please be sure to follow us on social media and check out http://www.thedignitystore.org, an HNL project many of you are already involved with.  Look for the normal projects, cool fundraising campaigns, and volunteer opportunities coming soon.  Its gonna be a great year! 

Thank you!