4/1 April Fools Day Run

No laughing matter. Two loops from Drake. Please bring your serious face. No costumes, no jokes, no pranks, no fun. NONE. April fools! HA! Get it? Get it!? Me either.  Anyway....

6:30 - 70 min

7:45 - 30 min

Couple of matters we need to remind you about.  This Monday 4/3 HNL is going to join Atlanta Moonlight AH4 to crash their hash.  They don't know we're coming yet.  It's always a fun group, it's usually hot, somebody always loses some article of clothing.  Let me know tomorrow morning if you're interested. Yes, I realize it's spring break. Yes, that's why this is even possible. We will group up at Fresh Market and leave around 6:00 pm on Monday.

Also, Matt Rusk's ruck event is next Saturday 4/8 at 10 am.  The event is on FB if you search for Carry the Fallen Ruck March.  This was a great event last year to raise funds and awareness for Active Heroes, a non-profit organization with a mission to end military/veteran suicide.   BE THERE: https://fundraise.activeheroes.org/fundraise?fcid=924499

3/25 Poker Run - KMART START

Bring $1 to participate in a poker run tomorrow. Best hand wins everything!  You'll only get one card each ten minutes during the second and third loop.  You don't have to possess a full five cards to play.  You do have to be present at the end to win.  This means if you're a 30 minute loop runner, you should play the last loop. You can show up for the 7:30 - 30 min loop and win the whole thing with three aces.  Could be great, could be fun, probably wont suck. We'll even kick in an early loop and a post run service project as a bonus! Starting at KMART on Crosstown in PTC.

6:30 - 30 min
7:00 - 30 min POKER RUN LOOP
7:30 - 30 min POKER RUN LOOP
8:00 - I need 6 able bodied people to help flip a counter top for a very nice lady you all know.


3/11 RUN! 3 Loops!

3/11 day could not have come at a better time! Spring is in the air and we're getting ready for a damn race next weekend.  Come out and get going with three options, all from Drake!

6:30 - 30 min

7:00 - 30 min

7:30 - 30 min

All options are equipped with standard safety features and front to backs.  California emissions standards do not apply.

Be there!  Come out tomorrow and lets discuss the race! 

HNL St. Paddy's Shamrock Run - Half marathon, 10K, 5K

Late signer upper for Publix? We've got you covered!  The March 18th HNL Shamrock Run will be better than Publix.  Expo, marked course, two water stops, finish tent, food, drinks, fun.  Half marathon distance will be a loop, 10K and 5K are one way.  Start location TBD.  We need you to sign up before this Monday at noon so we can order the proper amount of medals, food, and beer.  This is gonna be awesome!


Start locations will be published after I create the route.  BE THERE!