8/26 - A very special breakfast event!!!!!

We're back at Drake for a very special event tomorrow.  David's birthday!  Most of you know the love I have for David but tomorrow we all get to share in his glorious manhood.  We're also celebrating David's favorite holiday, Oreos for breakfast day!  Before you go to bed tonight, place a single Oreo under your pillow and when you wake up, David will be by your bedside, watching you sleep!

For really. Bring Oreo products, bring milk and cups, bring gifts for my buddy.  He's a good man who loves his friends and he deserves the best!  Love you Disco!

6:30 - 60 min run
7:30 - 30 min run


8/19 Eclipse Fun Run. NEW LOCATION

Sorry about the late update.  There will be two loops tomorrow starting at Kmart on Crosstown in Peachtree City.  The tri people will occupy Drake so don't even try to go over there or you'll be tossed in the lake and groped.  They get upset with the people who get groped without paying.  Come to Kmart and get groped by Sam and Emily. 

6:30 - 60 min
7:30 - 30 min

We need leaders for these loops!  Step up!

8/12 - Triple Loop Saturday - NEW START LOCATION

It's your lucky Saturday!  Triple loop Saturday! Three loops, two legs, one good time, zero excuses.  Meet up at the Evergreen Church located at 400 Windgate Road in Peachtree City.  It's the big church on the hill at the intersection on Peachtree Parkway and Windgate Road. We'll do three 30 min loops.

6:30 - 30 min

7:00 - 30 min

7:30 - 30 min

Be there!

8/5 August Loops

Tomorrow is going to be awesome.  70 degrees and cloudy.  Should be a great run and a great group.  No more vacation excuses!  Your kids either just went back to school or are going back Monday. Come out and start a new habit for the new school year!  If you don't want 60 or 30 minutes, just let us know and we'll get you a turnaround time for whatever distance you want.  Now is the time to make a positive change for your health. Newbies welcome!

Speaking of health, let's drink tequila and ride!  Slow ride tonight starting at Blue Azul on 54 at 6:30.  We'll ride to Beef o Brady's for a 7:30 meet then onto El Ranchero Westpark at 8:30.  Ride your bike to any or all of the locations and properly hydrate for tomorrow. 

Drake tomorrow.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

Get after it this weekend!