9/30 Last day of the month, first day of the rest of your life NEW LOCATION - DISTANCE SWITCH - BRING A BIKE FRIEND

Let's change it up a bit tomorrow! We're going to meet at Braelinn Elementary on Robinson Road for a 6:30 start.  Don't forget the super cool zombie apocalypse training run coming up on Wednesday (if you'd like to be a zombie, lemme know tomorrow).  Also, if you know a non runner who wants to get in on the run tomorrow, tell them to bring a bike and ride along.  Might be fun to try!

6:30 - 30 min
7:00 - 60 min
Notice the normal distances are switched.

Get your minds right! Be there! All paces welcome!

9/23 HNLiens getting it done - Morning run, evening hash, overnight sleepover

Send good vibes for all our HNLiens participating in Ironman races this weekend! Scott Porter in his first full Ironman and Scott Munn and Melissa Thomas at Augusta for a half.  Good luck all!  Much love!

Tomorrow's run starts at Drake for two loops:
6:30 - 60 min
7:30 - 30 min

Tomorrow's hash starts at Booth Middle at 6:00 pm.  If you're into the hash but haven't indicated that you are coming, let me know ASAP.  It's going to be a unique route for sure.  Short enough for all to run, great time to try this out! 

Sleepover at Scott Munn's house.  He won't be there so we can raid his leg razor stash...

See you all tomorrow!!!!!

9/16/2017 - Two loops, National Gymnastics Day

Tomorrow is the holiday you've been waiting for, National Gymnastics Day.  In addition to the two loops, we'll have an HNL gymnastics meet.  DISCLAIMER: You're older than you think, don't break anything.  Don't exceed your skill level.

Drake tomorrow

6:30 - 60 min
7:30 - 30 min

Be there!

9/9 Business Casual Run - DRAKE

This is a little early so you can get your business casual running gear together.  That's right, business casual running. On Saturday morning we’ll meet at Drake whilst being dressed for success.  Wear your finest office wear for two loops. Best dressed runner wins a Starbucks gift card. One card per loop.  Anyway, come dressed for work and run in your church clothes. 

Two loops, Drake:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

Vote happens after each loop.  Winner takes the gift card!

See you there! Bring your TPS reports!

9/2 - Hurricane Harvey Help Run

We'll be at Drake tomorrow for a two loop run.  After the run we're going to help the Midwest Food Bank prepare canned goods for the Hurricane Matthew relief effort.  Hopefully you stinky people will have enough time between the run and the service project to shower.  Bring close toed shoes and kids ten and up.  I am slightly concerned that lots of other people will show up so I've got a backup plan in mind.  If you've got any additional back up ideas I'd love to hear them! 

Don't mix up the events!  See you in the morning!

Run info:
6:30 - 60 min
7:30 - 30 min

Midwest Food Bank info:
Please try and represent with HNL gear!
220 Parkade Ct, Peachtree City, GA

8:50 - noon