We'll begin our tour of PTC in the north.  The Kedron Village is named for Sir Edmund Kedron, a cousin of King George III.  A native of Everton, England, Kedron was sent to the colonies for the purpose of establishing a community in a temperate climate, connected by paths of golf.  Kedron is credited with establishing the community of Kedron, digging Lake Kedron, dredging Lake Peachtree, and luring Hoshizaki to PTC with municipal tax incentives.  Unfortunately, Kedron died of influenza just before Target started that thing where they give you $5 for getting immunized in the store. Sad. The end.

We'll meet at the Kedron Fieldhouse for a 6:30 start.  There might be rain for the longer loop so go ahead and start getting your mind right now.  There are plenty of people in the world who would love to have the ability you do so don't waste it....be there! All paces are welcome for both loops!

Kedron Fieldhouse
6:30 - 30 min loop
7:00 - 70 min loop


10/21 Race and run - LAST CHANCE FOR HNLiens hoodie

Tomorrow we'll meet at the intersection of Fishers Luck and McIntosh Trail.  Meet on the west side of the intersection. It'll be the side with all the people who are cool as hell wearing HNL gear.  5K starts at 8:30 and 15K starts at 9:00.  5K photo at 8:25, 15K photo at 8:55.  If you've got one, please wear an HNL shirt.  If you aren't running the PTC Classic, meet at Drake for a 6:30 start.  I have no clue who's leading but I'm certain it'll be a riot.   

Also, this is the last few days to order the HNLiens hoodie.  Order will happen Saturday night so if you've failed to buy yet, this is the last call.  https://www.customink.com/g/nvv0-00b6-muef

If you order and don't reference my mom in the comment section, you'll be in the minority.  

Friday the 13th Slow Ride - Saturday the 14th Run - BIG HNL NEWS

It's already been a great day and its not even noon.  The good news first; HNL officially became a IRS 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation yesterday!  This has been a goal of ours for quite some time and we're really excited to see what's next.  We're going to change the definition of charity in our community with a dynamic approach to helping others.  Big projects, small ones, weird stuff, positive things, we're not afraid to get in there if we can make a measurable impact.  Get your minds right, this is going to be fun.

Friday evening slow ride info (think bicycle, not golf cart):

Meet at Partners on Peachtree Parkway south (across from K-Mart) for a 6:30 start. By start, we are referring to start drinking a pitcher of beer on the patio. We'll leave Partners at about 7:00 and make our way past some spooky spots on the way to Georgia Shrimp for more adult beverages at around 7:45...ish.  Could be earlier, could be later, might be a few people short after the terrible sights on the journey. 

Saturday morning long run (think foot, not golf cart):

Meet at the Peachtree City Tennis Center for a double loop route.  Some will be trail so bring a light.  The first loop might have some new folks and we'll be doing the Everton thing so you know what's up. Second loop will be trail.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 45 min

That's all for now.  Please support HNL on social media this week when you see it and get your minds right for a pre-race run next week so we can get the mileage we need in.  Much love, HNL!!!!!!! 

10/7 - Yard Sale Run

Tomorrow we're back to Drake for a two loop yard sale run.  We're pretty early on the first loop but the second loop is money.  Bring a little cash for a yard sale purchase.  Whoever makes the best purchase during the run wins a Starbucks gift card! 

6:30 - 60 min
7:30 - 40 min

YES! The second loop distance has increased.  You're welcome.