11/25 Run and Fun

Come out for the calorie burning goodness tomorrow! We're back at Drake for a 60 min loop like old times.  Coffee to follow.

11/18 - Thanksgiving Pancake Run – Golf Cart Project Update – Friday Meet-Up

Come out and show thanks by cramming a stack of pancakes into your head! Good luck to the Soldier half and full runners tomorrow!  We’ll think of you as we run a relatively short loop then eat pumpkin pie flavored pancakes and sausage.  This is also a great time to come get your hoodie if you haven’t got it yet!  You’ll need to let me know that you’ll be there! If you’re in for the breakfast, click here so we can keep up with the items people are bringing: http://www.thingtobring.com/events/34421/rsvpshow

Y’all are killing it on the golf cart project!! We’ve surpassed $2.5K as of this morning and I have no doubt we’ll be at $3K soon.  We’re still firming up where the cart is coming from but we’ve alerted the FCBOE counselors that we are close to making this happen.  Everyone was in complete shock at how fast this happened.  It looks like we’re going to be able to get this done and delivered right after Thanksgiving.  Thank you so much for your help and contributions, you’re going to make a massive impact in a local family’s life. THANK YOU!

The slow ride vote was overridden by people who would rather meet up than ride.  Fine.  We’ll meet tonight at Big Daddy’s for a round of fellowship and fun.  This is also a great time to get your hoodie if you’ve not received it yet.  You need to let me know if you’re going to be there!

Tonight: Big Daddy’s @ 7:00

Tomorrow: Booth Middle School @ 6:30 for a 60 min loop followed by pancake breakfast at 144 Lakeside.  If you’re coming to the pancakes, click the link above and sign up to bring something.  If it needs to stay cold, it’ll probably be fine for an hour but bring a cooler if you need it. Also, if you’ve got one of those electric griddles, stick it in your car tonight please.

Much love HNL! 

11/11 Veterans Day Run – TOUR OF PTC LOCATION 3 – Golf Cart Project – Hoodies

Come out and join us for an awesome Veterans Day run!  We’re on stop #3 of our tour of PTC and will meet at Oak Grove Elementary on Crosstown Drive for the Braelinn Village tour.  We’ll have three loops to accommodate just about any distance you could want and as always, ALL PACES ARE WELCOME!  Don’t miss out on this great event because you think you’re too slow or too fast.  Come out and you’ll see!  We had some first timers last week who were so impressed with HNL they emailed photos of their new HNL tattoos…weird but acceptable. 

UPDATE ON THE GOLF CART PROJECT – Earlier this week we took on an ambitious project After learning of a local mom who walks to work and grocery shopping, we answered a request from the Angel Tree program to buy her a golf cart.  Reliable transportation will make this families life a bit easier if we all make a small contribution.  I’m really excited to announce we’ve raised $1,670!  We have not identified where we are getting the cart from yet but we’ve talked to several local businesses who are interested in helping. Once we get all of our options, we’ll pick one and keep working until we can purchase the cart.  We really need those $20 donations to help push us towards our goal.  Please consider donating and keeping your money local. All donations are tax deductible!  I have no doubt we’re gonna make this happen! Click HERE to donate.Thank you!

Hoodies are in and will be distributed tomorrow and for the rest of my life.  I’ve still got HNL shirts from the 70’s which never made it to their owner so please make an effort to come out and pick your hoodie up tomorrow.

Here’s the goodness you’ve been waiting all week for:

6:15 – Shirt distribution

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 40 min

8:15 – 30 min

8:45 – Shirt distribution

11/4 TOUR OF PTC LOCATION - Ruck - HNL Clothing Line

Looking forward to getting on that Georgia Piedmont goodness tomorrow. We're continuing our tour of PTC with a Glenloch Village start from the Glenloch Recreation Center on Stevens Entry.  There will be three loops tomorrow so there are lots of options!  We're on a mission to spread the word about HNL so bring a friend tomorrow.  The AM loops will be:

6:30 - 30 min
7:00 - 30 min
7:30 - 60 min

Good luck to the NYC Marathon runners this weekend.  Manda Panda and Jeff are heading to NYC tomorrow morning for the race on Sunday.  Watch ESPN 2, you'll see them win!  Love you Manda! Jeff, I think you're swell.

Afternoon Ruck - Tomorrow we're meeting in the Kmart parking lot for a 3:00 PM start to the ruck.  This is our third year rucking and raising awareness about veteran suicide.  Yes, we know you just ran XX miles this morning.  Yes, we know the pack is heavy.  Yes, your delicate feet might get dirty.  It's totally worth it.  There will be a shorter option for the folks who want to bring kids starting at 4:00 at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Peachtree Parkway if you're interested.  The kids will walk with us for an hour.  This is always a great event. Be there! Wear a weighted pack, 20% of your body weight if you want the full ruck experience!

The HNL hoodies should be here next week.  If you live nearby, cool.  If you live far away, I'll do my best to get your stuff to you. 

Be nice to someone for no reason today, they've earned it after putting up with you all week!