12/30 Resolution Run - C25K Walk

The last run of 2017 is happening tomorrow morning at Drake. We'll have two loop options and a walk option for the couch to 5K runners who will be joining us next week.  If you've got the desire to come back to HNL or get started, this is a great day to do it. If you're still not sure, we'll officially start the couch to 5K training program next week DON'T MISS IT! Today and for the next few weeks, the couch to 5K plans will be listed below under the heading: C25K. 

Bring a friend, bring your resolutions, bring your 2017 baggage for drop off.  We're starting fresh in 2018 and we're gonna have a great time doing it.  This has been a big year for HNL and we plan on keeping the good times going next year.  Hash runs, zombie apocalypse training, one ways, Indian runs, whistling bungholes, spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hüsker düs, hüsker don'ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers (with or without the scooter stick), and whistling kitty chasers all in the near future.

All options start and end at Drake Field - use the lower PTC City Hall parking lot!

6:30 - 60 min run
7:30 - 30 or 60 min run (needs a leader)

7:30 - 30 min walk - This is just an excuse to meet up to get an idea of how many people we'll have starting our program next week! This means 7:30 am start so get there by 7:25ish!

12/23 Christmas Run - New Year, New Goal

There will be two options tomorrow!  Early at 6 and late at 7, both 60 min loops.  Need a lead for the 6! Drake.

In January, we're going to host a couch to 5K program!  Please consider sharing this with any runner type people you know or any folks who want to get into what we do.  We'll start nice and slow with a 7 -10 min run and build from there.  Any and all paces are welcome and we'll build up to a 5K distance!  It's free and a great way to burn calories while hanging with the coolest runners there are!

Merry Christmas!  Hope Leo brings the goods tomorrow!  Plan on Starbucks to follow!

12/15 Caroling 12/16 Run

Ok, we're gonna give the caroling a try again tomorrow.  The start will be Fresh Market at 6:15 PM.  Park in the big lot away from the store so we don't take up their space.  Meet in front of Scott's Academy of Danciness for a 6:15 PM start.  The loop should be between 6 and 8 miles, not all running.  Bring a golf cart if you want to ride.  Do not drink and drive.  Call Uber, call your mom, call David's mom. If you are on Facebook, please respond to the event posted there so we know how many folks to prepare for. The finish will have a food purchase option if you want to hang out after we're done.

We'll have a Saturday morning run at Drake!  60 min loop starting at 6:30.  You get bonus points if you are on the caroling trip and make it to the 60 min loop Saturday morning.

See you soon!

12/8 Caroling, 12/9 Run, HNL Booth Bikes, HNL Golf Cart Project LAST UPDATE

It's a snowpocalypse! The caroling tonight is in jeopardy, the run tomorrow is gonna be later so we can use the power of the sun! If the weather is snow or clear, we meet for the caroling.  If the morning weather is not rainy, we'll meet at Drake for a 60 min loop at 7:30. DISCLAIMER: If there is enough accumulation overnight, nobody will be there because we'll all be sledding on cookie sheets.

You nice folks might not have realized it but you bought four awesome bikes for some Booth Middle School students.  The Angel Tree program was awesome in helping lots of kids get clothing and the like but the bikes were a bit expensive so HNL stepped up and handled four of them.  Getting a bike is a really cool event for a kid and y'all did it X4. Nice!

Last update on the golf cart project (promise!)
The family who received the golf cart wanted to pass along some thank you notes.  They also enclosed a $25 gift card to Ruby Tuesday's. It was really awesome of them to send this message to us, hope it makes your day! Thank you!