2/24 Run - DRAKE! - C25K Big Day!!!

It’s been a great day and the weekend is looking to be awesome.  Low sixties tomorrow morning! How freaking great is that? Looking forward to getting out there and getting after it in the morning.  Came across something this week that I thought you hard ass working folks might enjoy. When we consider all the conveniences in our lives, why on earth would someone CHOOSE to participate in activities like running or cycling?

“Embracing inconvenience may sound odd, but we already do it without thinking of it as such. As if to mask the issue, we give other names to our inconvenient choices: We call them hobbies, avocations, callings, passions. These are the noninstrumental activities that help to define us. They reward us with character because they involve an encounter with meaningful resistance — with nature’s laws, with the limits of our own bodies — as in carving wood, melding raw ingredients, fixing a broken appliance, writing code, timing waves or facing the point when the runner’s legs and lungs begin to rebel…”

Let’s get out there tomorrow and build some character. We’re back at Drake and the C25K group is gonna need some support cause it’s a big day tomorrow.  If you’re in the first group, consider sticking around for a 15 min run with us!

6:30 – 70 min

7:45 – 30 min


7:45 – 30 min run 15:00 run 15:00 walk

2/17 – NEW LOCATION – Great Temps

Gonna be an awesome day tomorrow so don’t miss out! We’ll meet at Oak Grove Elementary for both loops tomorrow.  NOT AT DRAKE.

Be on the lookout for some volunteer opportunities coming soon! Our HNL meetings were really productive last night and we’ve set some reasonable goals which include some hands on service projects.  If you’ve got any ideas, please share!

Race planning is under way. If you want to be part of this but did not get the email I sent TODAY, you need to let me know ASAP. This is a thing and it’s happening.  No, we don’t know the distance, date, or location…I guess you could say things are coming right along. Seriously, if you want to be part of something awesome, let me know tomorrow. We’ll meet after the run to recap what was said last night with regard to race planning.

Also, great opportunity for HNL to show out at the Hotlanta Half. Lindsey will have info for us about staffing a water/cheering station.  We’ve not done much of this so let’s make a great showing on June 10, 2018.

Here is the run info:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 45 min


Great job last week, folks! Let’s keep the momentum!

7:30 – 30 min :30 walk 3:30 run


2/10 – Getting after your goals – HNL race planning – C25K RESURGENCE

Hey! It’s Friday! Got some cool news and stuff so put on your working face so your co-workers know not to bug you for a few minutes. 

The weather tomorrow is going to be perfect for running.  There is no reason you shouldn’t be there! Let’s make it a big group and help a local business while we’re at it. The loops will be from Drake tomorrow and we need a fearless leader for the second.  Thanks to Emily and David for leading last week, I got tons of fan mail this week from runners appreciative of their efforts.

HNL is in the early stages of planning a 2018 road race.  I sent an email to the folks interested in helping. If you want to be part of this awesome effort, let me know tomorrow and I’ll get you on the list. I typically write the HNL emails while I’m high on caffeine so they are charged with synthetic motivation and guaranteed to get you fired up.

The Dignity Store is also going to have a meetup soon. If you’d like to help there, now is the time to get with the program and get on that list as well.

Some of you get all the emails I send! Lucky you!

The HNL board is meeting next week and we’ll hopefully be revealing some really exciting news about the future of HNL, who we’re helping, how we look. Stay tuned!

After running tomorrow we're gonna head to Circa's Coffee House in Tyrone to support a great local business!

The run info:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


Don’t you dare give up on yourself! We’re going to repeat the same intervals as last week so don’t fret if you missed. We’re hitting the pause button for you, there is no excuse to not be at the run tomorrow.  The best way to get your tail out there is to commit and be accountable.  Get a friend, declare it publicly, be there!

7:30 – 30 min loop – 1:00 min walk, 3:00 min run

2/3 Back at Drake – THREE minutes on!!

Looks like we’re back at Drake tomorrow for two loops including a bit of a longer one to start. The C25K group is gonna start a bit later in the morning so enjoy a tiny sliver of extra sleep!  Our fearless leader Emily is going to lead the first loop on the 10K course followed by the intrepid godfather of HNL, Disco Davo leading the C25K for your morning serving of fresh miles.

6:30 – 75 min loop


7:45 – 30 min loop - 1:00 min walk, 3:00 run

There are lots of events going on tomorrow morning so the groups may be a little smaller. Commit to showing up even if your bestest friend can’t.  Do it for you!