7/21 - Three Loops! NEED LEADERS NEXT TWO WEEKS - HNL 5K Runtoberfest Update

We'll have the humid goodness ready for consumption tomorrow morning at Drake. The C25K group is transitioning to a full on run and the lurkers I tagged on FB are finally coming out of the shadows! I'll be in the mountains next Saturday so we need a long group leader and the weekend after that I'm at out again so be ready to step up twice.

April, Scott, and Melissa have been working hard on the runhnl.com website and we should be seeing the fruits of their labor very soon. I think you're gonna love the new spot for all the run info and race registration. Ryan did an awesome job researching and choosing our race registration website which will be seamlessly integrated into the new runhnl.com. I'll be announcing the need for some of you people to register very soon. We need to have HNLiens register first so we can make sure the whole thing works before we go advertising it. Once we make it official, we need your help getting the word out and getting our registration numbers to our goal of 300. Whole race committee meeting 7/30 at 6:30 location TBD.

Here is the info for the Drake based run tomorrow:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K - 15:00 Run 15:00 Walk

7/14 Poker Run Redux DRAKE - Friday Night Slow Ride

Don't forget the slow ride tonight! We'll meet for a restaurant to restaurant ride starting at El Ranchero Westpark at 6:30. The second location will be Partners Pizza then we'll vote after that to see where else the evening takes us. This will be a lot of fun and you don't want to miss it. BE THERE!

Last week must have been a travel day for HNL. We'll give the 7/7 poker run another go. Bring a $1 scratch off lottery ticket for each loop you want to participate in. If you're doing two loops, bring two tickets. Winner each loop gets half the tickets, HNL gets the rest which we'll use on a laundrymat fairy operation.

C25K! We're repeating last weeks run so if you missed it, you can get back in it!

All loops Drake

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K 3:30 run :30 walk

7/7 Lucky 7s Run – Slow Ride NEXT FRIDAY

Tomorrow’s date calls for a special run so we’re gonna break out the playing cards for a 50/50 poker run. Bring a $1 lotto scratcher for each loop you’ll be participating in. There will be two different games. For the 6:30 60 min loop, each player will receive a single card per mile for a total of 6 cards. At the end of the run, the highest poker hand wins half of the scratchers. For the 30 min loop, each player will receive one card and the highest card wins half of that loops scratchers. C25K will be the same rules as the 30 min loop. What happens to the other half of the lotto tickets? Well, that’s the cool part. HNL will scratch them all and consolidate the winnings for a single random act of kindness tour (up to $500) in the form of a laundromat fairy. The laundromat fairy is a nice lady who helps people stuck in some of the dreariest places on earth, laundromats. They are bastions of despair and the laundromat fairy will brighten the experience just a tad.

NEXT FRIDAY SLOW RIDE ! On 7/13 we’ll ride the trails from spot to spot. Get your minds right now and prepare for the fun. It sure would be great to see some of the folks we haven’t seen in a while or ever so come out for the fun! Start at 6:30 PM location TBD.

Here is the info for the Lucky 7s at DRAKE:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K 3:30 Run 30 Walk  

Don't forget your $1 scratch off lotto tickets. One ticket for every loop you want to play.