7/21 - Three Loops! NEED LEADERS NEXT TWO WEEKS - HNL 5K Runtoberfest Update

We'll have the humid goodness ready for consumption tomorrow morning at Drake. The C25K group is transitioning to a full on run and the lurkers I tagged on FB are finally coming out of the shadows! I'll be in the mountains next Saturday so we need a long group leader and the weekend after that I'm at out again so be ready to step up twice.

April, Scott, and Melissa have been working hard on the runhnl.com website and we should be seeing the fruits of their labor very soon. I think you're gonna love the new spot for all the run info and race registration. Ryan did an awesome job researching and choosing our race registration website which will be seamlessly integrated into the new runhnl.com. I'll be announcing the need for some of you people to register very soon. We need to have HNLiens register first so we can make sure the whole thing works before we go advertising it. Once we make it official, we need your help getting the word out and getting our registration numbers to our goal of 300. Whole race committee meeting 7/30 at 6:30 location TBD.

Here is the info for the Drake based run tomorrow:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K - 15:00 Run 15:00 Walk

7/14 Poker Run Redux DRAKE - Friday Night Slow Ride

Don't forget the slow ride tonight! We'll meet for a restaurant to restaurant ride starting at El Ranchero Westpark at 6:30. The second location will be Partners Pizza then we'll vote after that to see where else the evening takes us. This will be a lot of fun and you don't want to miss it. BE THERE!

Last week must have been a travel day for HNL. We'll give the 7/7 poker run another go. Bring a $1 scratch off lottery ticket for each loop you want to participate in. If you're doing two loops, bring two tickets. Winner each loop gets half the tickets, HNL gets the rest which we'll use on a laundrymat fairy operation.

C25K! We're repeating last weeks run so if you missed it, you can get back in it!

All loops Drake

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K 3:30 run :30 walk

7/7 Lucky 7s Run – Slow Ride NEXT FRIDAY

Tomorrow’s date calls for a special run so we’re gonna break out the playing cards for a 50/50 poker run. Bring a $1 lotto scratcher for each loop you’ll be participating in. There will be two different games. For the 6:30 60 min loop, each player will receive a single card per mile for a total of 6 cards. At the end of the run, the highest poker hand wins half of the scratchers. For the 30 min loop, each player will receive one card and the highest card wins half of that loops scratchers. C25K will be the same rules as the 30 min loop. What happens to the other half of the lotto tickets? Well, that’s the cool part. HNL will scratch them all and consolidate the winnings for a single random act of kindness tour (up to $500) in the form of a laundromat fairy. The laundromat fairy is a nice lady who helps people stuck in some of the dreariest places on earth, laundromats. They are bastions of despair and the laundromat fairy will brighten the experience just a tad.

NEXT FRIDAY SLOW RIDE ! On 7/13 we’ll ride the trails from spot to spot. Get your minds right now and prepare for the fun. It sure would be great to see some of the folks we haven’t seen in a while or ever so come out for the fun! Start at 6:30 PM location TBD.

Here is the info for the Lucky 7s at DRAKE:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K 3:30 Run 30 Walk  

Don't forget your $1 scratch off lotto tickets. One ticket for every loop you want to play.

6/30 – Drake – Special Guest – 4th

Tomorrow we’ll be back at Drake for the run and we’ll have a special guest making an appearance. The winner of our Level Up Community Grant, Camden Raynor, will be at Drake tomorrow at 8:00. I hope he’ll have stuff to sell us but he’s had difficulty keeping up with demand. Bring $5 anyway in the hopes that he’ll have enough inventory to sling some bracelets. The fourth of July ones are awesome. If you’ve not done so, please like his various social media pages at RCN Outdoor Enterprises if you can. At the start of the week, his FB page had less than 30 likes and he’s over 110 now. Keep showing him love, he’s a hard working dude

There will be no HNL 4th parade float. Just not enough support to make it happen. Sorry. Maybe next year.

The HNL Runtoberfest 5K is about to pick up a lot of steam. We’re finalizing the website and registration process. If you’re on the project, please make sure your freedcamp login is still working as it’s about to be on. We’ll have a meeting soon as well to make sure we’re still on the same page.

Here is the run info:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K – Run 3 walk 1!


We’ll be meeting in a new location tomorrow for all the loops. We’re at Braelinn Elementary School so don’t show up at Drake! The C25K will also be meeting at Braelinn (don’t let this deter you from continuing on your path to success). It’s still not too late to come out and start the C25K program and now is a great time for some of the ones we lost to return!

Here are the loops:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K Run 2:30 Walk 1:00

6/16 -HNLiens Summertime Loops

Summertime fun tomorrow! Old school Fla Vor Ice pops tomorrow for all the loops (while supplies last). We'll be at Drake for all the loops but there will be a new location NEXT SATURDAY so you C25Kers get your mind right now to commit to showing even though it's a new spot.

We need some love on our social media sites. If you've not joined the HNL run group on Facebook or liked the HNL, Inc. page there, please consider doing so. It's a great way for us to get lots of info about our organization out there. We've also got a super cool Instagram page with some new content. Be there!

Thanks to all the people who came out and helped at the HNL events last week. The Hotlanta Half marathon water station was really fun. I contacted the race director after the event and asked if we could have the same spot next year and he's already locked it in. Don't miss it! The bag stuffing event was equally fun and we had lots of people come out to help. Thanks to all who came out to make sure kids have a Saturday option this summer.

4th parade motivation is needed. Talk to me tomorrow if you can help out. Sign up on the Facebook event if you can make it or talk to me if you can be there. We need at least 10-15 people on board for this to happen!

The C25K group is doing really great things! Tomorrow we'll be on the same intervals we were last week. Don't give up! Keep showing up and getting stronger! WORK! BTW, Linda is leading tomorrow!

All loops from Drake tomorrow:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K 2:00 on 1:30 off

6/13 Wednesday run

Mid-week run on 6/13! We'll have a mash up of HNLiens and First 500 Bootcamp runners starting at 5:30 at Drake for a 45 minute loop. Don't forget the bag stuffing event tonight at Fayetteville First United Methodist gym at 5:00 PM.

6/9 – HNL stuff for days – C25K Coach Linda is hired! – HNL Runtoberfest 5K

Pop a bag of popcorn and settle in for your weekly update. HNL has lots of stuff going on and we need your help. Our HNL Run Group page on FB topped 500 people this week. We sure could use some help getting the lurkers out of the shadows. I think most lurkers feel that they aren’t fast enough or they don’t know anybody so they don’t show. Come give us a try! Be brave! You’re guaranteed to have fun and 94.2% guaranteed to not get lost.

This Sunday HNL is responsible for the mile 4 water station at the Hotlanta Half Marathon. For those running, enjoy that heat! If you’re available, we have about 8 people heading to the event as water hander outers. If you’re interested, we will meet at the north PTC Kroger (AKA Target Kroger) and group up into cars at 5:00 AM. Bring signs if you have them and bring sidewalk chalk if you have that. I’ll bring the stencil and we’ll decorate the road in front of our station. Please wear HNL gear you have. If all you have is a sticker, bring a towel for the car ride. Side note: if you ordered an HNL shirt and still have not picked it up, the clock is ticking. I will sell the hell out of your shirt if I’m still toting it around after school starts.

On Tuesday HNL will meet at the Fayetteville First United Methodist gym for a bag stuffing party. We’ve teamed up with Keller Williams PTC and Smart Lunch Smart Kid to provide a Saturday option to kids over the summer. Kids on free lunch during the school year need access to lunch during the summer and Smart Lunch Smart Kid delivers said lunch every single weekday to kids all over Fayette. Keller Williams purchased 10,000 individually wrapped snack items for the kids to have weekend food. HNL organized the bag decoration effort and now will stuff the 10,000 items into 2,000 bags. Meet at 5:00 PM, kids are welcome, come when you can.

HNL’s The Dignity Store had a big development today in the form of a meeting with North Clayton Middle. Amanda DeBuc and Cummins Power South have stepped up to make our sixth location happen at NCM. We met with an AP who is psyched about the idea and really wants to make this happen. We’ll learn more next week but the need at NCM is right in our wheelhouse and the space they have offered is really awesome. As you know, The Dignity Store is a free store located inside a school (or other area) where kids can get needed hygiene items in a safe and private environment. We’re currently operating at Rachel’s Ray of Hope, Flat Rock Middle, Hope Hill Elementary, Asa Hilliard Elementary, and Cowan Road Middle. This project has wheels and we’d love for more people to be involved. Let us know if you want to help!

I was gone last week and Linda led the C25K group with gusto. Let’s just put it out there, people love Linda! I’ve asked her to lead the group from here but she’s got some commitments which would prevent that so we’ll alternate weeks. This is still in the beginning stages so if you want to join in, now is the time! We’ve started by alternating running and walking intervals working up to an eventual solid 30 minutes of running. This is a great program to involve your kids in. Running can be difficult. Sometimes it sucks because it’s hot or your tired or your lungs are burning. This is the beauty of running. Enduring the temporary pain or discomfort for the reward of feeling great at the end is one of the great parts of being a human! Bring out your kids and show them what tenacity and grit looks like. Get after a goal and suffer on purpose to show them that it’s possible to push past your limits…even when it’s not easy.

There will be a HNL Runtoberfest 5K meeting soon. We’re working out the website and registration right now. Hope to have it up and running by the 4th of July where you all come out and walk the course with HNL and throw swag which gets us to our goal of 300 racers.

Tomorrow is a Drake day. That means we meet at Drake. If the weather tomorrow is like the weather today, it’s going to be great. If you are a 6:30 or 7:30 loop runner, please consider sticking around for the C25K session for the run walk intervals, we need your help!

All loops Drake

6:30 – 70 min loop (we’re going to run the Runtoberfest 5K route in the loop)

7:40 – 30 min loop

8:10ish – C25K start 2:00 run 1:30 walk

FINALLY… This week Fayette County DFCS called HNL for some help. Earlier in the week a local mom lost her child in a tragic accident. In the midst of her grief, she awoke the next morning to a car with a flat tire and no spare. DFCS thought to call us first for help and we got her tire on a tow truck with the quickness. Mask Tire in Fayetteville changed the tire out for a new one AT NO CHARGE and the tow truck driver returned it to the car and put it on so she could handle the unimaginable business at hand. We were happy to help and it was great Fayette DFCS felt comfortable to call on us. This is a great example of just what HNL is. A local group of many talents and skills ready to help in almost any situation. Sometimes it can feel like the mission is a bit broad but it’s that kind of flexibility which allows us to step up in that moment and call on our contacts of tire people, tow truck drivers, and mechanics to make it happen. Y’all are awesome, thank you for being ready to help!  

6/2 - Still time for C25K newbies! - Parade confirmed - Drake loops tomorrow

If you know anyone still interested in joining the C25K group, there is still time! Linda will lead the same intervals we ran last week so come out and bring the kids! If you are on the C25K program, you should be running the weekend intervals twice during the week. If you hurt, rest. If you're thirsty, drink water. If you're lazy, get off your ass.

HNL will participate in the PTC 4th of July parade this year and we will need your help. Let us know if you can walk the parade route with us and throw stuff at people. We're still deciding what our float design will be and what to throw so if you've got any ideas, we're open.

We'll be at Drake tomorrow;

6:30  - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:05 - C25K 30 min 2:00 run 2:00 walk intervals.

5/26 - C25K Start - SHIRTS! - Memorial Day Murph - 4th of July

Such a busy weekend! Get your minds right!

The newest couch to 5K (C25K) training program starts Saturday! The program is for anybody wanting to build to a 3 mile run. It's going to sweaty fun times and a great program for parents and kids alike. DO NOT DROP YOUR KIDS OFF. We can barely tolerate our own kids much less the kinds of kids parents want to drop off with a group of strangers. This is going to be lots of fun and ANYONE who has the ability to run can do it. We'll start with a ratio of 2:00 running and 2:00 walking then slowly build to less walking and more running eventually transitioning to large blocks of running and small ones of walking. Click the C25K tab above to get all the details. Make the commitment to the program and get this summer started right!

I've got the Run HNL shirts for those who ordered! Do not make me carry these damn things in my car for months. Anybody who doesn't pick up their shirt by Labor Day will have it auctioned to the highest bidder.

On Monday, HNL will host the Memorial Day Murph at Drake. 1 mile run, 300 air squats, 200 push ups, 100 pull ups, 1 mile run. Can't do it? Come out and do the Memorial Day Smurph, all the stuff above with half the squat, push up, and pull up reps. This is always a great event. We start at 7:00 on Monday. Be there.

I've signed us up for a float in the PTC 4th of July parade. There are some differing schools of thought on what "parade float" means. We need to come up with a super cool idea. I love the idea of a sufferfest of sweat and work pulling a jeep and carrying rucks while throwing sweat-soaked koozies to the crowd. Some people want to clog on a flatbed trailer. Whatever. I need your help! Ideas please!

Hotlanta Half water stop staffing confirmed! We're gonna be the mile 5 water stop. Show your intention to attend on the FB event! We need people! Got a big van? We need it!

All the rest: HNL's level up grant ends this weekend. If you know some young person who wants to start a business this summer, better have them enter quick at www.hnlinc.org. The Dignity Store visioning still needs a conference room, if you've got the space, we have precisely $0 to pay but we're nice people! Ruck HNL stickers are a thing and if you want one, I'll get you one. RUN HNL magnets are still a thing and I can sell you one for $5.

Info for the Saturday run from Drake:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:05 - Couch to 5K Training Run #1 (C25K) 2:00 run 2:00 walk for 30 min.