RUN HNL was organized in 2009 and became a non profit in 2017.  Our group is constantly evolving, growing, aging, shrinking, laughing.  If you’re looking for the same 6 mile loop every weekend, this group is not for you.  We strive to keep things interesting by changing up the distance and sometimes the terrain.  The primary reason people are hesitant to join a running group is pace.  ALL PACES ARE ALWAYS welcome at RUN HNL.  We start and finish as a group with front-to-backs.  Several times during a long run, the front of the group turns and runs to the back of the group.  This enables everyone to keep their own pace and the folks up front to even get a little extra mileage in.  This is what makes us different and very inclusive.  Well, the front to backs AND the laughs we share.  Come out and give us a try.  The price is right, it’s always free!