1/13 Run Info and HNL Stuff

Get ready for that Saturday goodness!  Weather should be dry and a bit warmer than last week.  We’re at Drake for all the loops, get your tail out of bed and come hang out with us. There will be an epic photo opportunity tomorrow where Doris will bring her toaster back to Drake for a group shot at 7:30. Make an effort to be at Drake for this photo, that FB cover shot just won’t look right without you in it!

Speaking of us, this is a great time to let some of the new folks what HNL is all about.  We’ve been together since 2009 and instantly became the coolest group around.  More than just a group of cool runners, HNL has been growing as a charitable organization as well.  We incorporated and became a nonprofit last year as HNL, Inc.  HNL, Inc. is the umbrella our running group and all of our charitable projects are under.  HNL is the combination of all of these people who get out and run, donate, work, and care for others. Our current board of directors is a great mix of people you may or may not already know: Scott Munn is your Treasurer, Leslie Terek is your Secretary, Rob Thomas and Robin Campbell are on the board as well. For the next few weeks, I’ll have some more info about the HNL basics and how we’re going to have a great year.  If we continue to have your support as we have in years past, it’s going to be a great success. This is not your average charitable organization; we seek out big opportunities and small ones as well. There will be several projects to get involved with very soon. Get your minds right and help make a positive change in the world! Feel free to ask questions if you have them!     

6:30 – 60 min loop

7:30 – 30 min loop


7:30 – 25 min loop

Hope the group is ready for the morning weather! I’m just now able to feel my fingers. Tomorrow we’ll keep the run interval the same at 2:00 and shorten the walk interval to 1:30. The overall length is increasing to 25 minutes.  I know some of the walking front to backs last week were a bit awkward but it’s great practice to learn so we can keep our group together.  Don’t forget to show up a little early for the picture!  Also, I need someone (the least weird/creepy/murderous among you) to pick up my kids for the C25K event. For serious.

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