1/20 loops and stuff

It’s going to be so good to get out and run tomorrow! We’re at Drake again serving up fresh mileage for the all the loops. There is a possibility of some ice patches so bring a light….and rock salt. The temps should be similar to last week so it’s gonna be downright balmy. There should be a sarcasm font for parts of my posts.

Let’s discuss a non-sarcastically great opportunity Matt Tuff brought us and a bit about how HNL works.  The Peachtree City Police Department learned of a local grandmother who just took on the care of her five grandkids.  As cold as the weather has been, heating the home has been costly and her power bill was already behind.  She was on the verge of being cut off.  We got the request from Matt and info from the PD who vetted the need. We decided HNL could handle the power for a couple months. We’re going to learn more about this family next week.

This is a great example of the HNL decision making process. We meet the needs where we can and act quickly to help.  I know some folks could see this as a bit risky but that flexibility just might make us more effective.  Our primary focus will always remain the same, help people and make a return on our donor’s investment by sharing the stories of goodwill. This will involve taking some chances. We don’t want to be your average nonprofit so we’re going to utilize YOUR skills to be extraordinary. Now is the time to be part of something exciting and you just might find yourself outside your comfort zone. If HNL can stay just ahead of the comfort zone, we’re gonna do big things. A ship in harbor is safe but that’s not what ships are built for.  

HNL needs you to take this survey:


6:30 – 60 min loop

7:30 – 30 min loop


7:30 – 30 min loop 1:30 walk, 2:00 run

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