1/27 Pancake Riot – NEW LOCATION!!! - Bring $9 - NEW LOCATION!!!

It’s hard to believe but tomorrow’s run will occur at NORMAL TEMPERATURES! We will be meeting in a new spot for a great reason.  The 27th Annual Kiwanis Pancake Saturday happens tomorrow at McIntosh High School and HNL is going to show up and eat some damn flapjacks.  Tickets cost $9 and the event is all you can eat pancakes, sausage, OJ, milk, coffee, and tea. The eating will commence following the second HNL loop. Keep track of how many pancakes you eat, the winner will be recognized and immortalized on social media in front of hundreds of adoring HNLiens.  The start of all the loops will be the McIntosh High School student parking lot.  It’s on Walt Banks Road in Peachtree City. 

Thanks for responding to the survey last week.  Lots of people wanted to help HNL so here is your chance to sign up! If you feel moved to help us out on one or more projects, click the link and get on the list! Here is a quick explanation for some of the projects on the list. The Dignity Store is a free store inside of elementary and middle schools where children in need can get basic hygiene items for free in a private and welcoming space. We’re established in four schools and ready to grow. The HNL Kindness Pop-Up is a new project we’re piloting where we collect relatively small donations and use them for small grants helping people and spreading kindness. Think of $5 donations collected on Saturday converted to laundromat tokens distributed on Wednesday. Wash, rinse, repeat in three months.  Race planning is needed for an HNL race which so many of us really want to see happen.  I think we can be really great in this space. Find the cause, organize the race, spread the love, make donors, runners, and recipients happy.  We’ve also got a few future projects and ideas we’d love to brainstorm and plan together. We’re interested in hearing what you’d like to see happen! Thanks for your help!


Remember! We’re not at Drake. We’re at McIntosh High School. NOT AT DRAKE.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


7:30 – 30 min 1:00 walk, 2:30run

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