10/21 Race and run - LAST CHANCE FOR HNLiens hoodie

Tomorrow we'll meet at the intersection of Fishers Luck and McIntosh Trail.  Meet on the west side of the intersection. It'll be the side with all the people who are cool as hell wearing HNL gear.  5K starts at 8:30 and 15K starts at 9:00.  5K photo at 8:25, 15K photo at 8:55.  If you've got one, please wear an HNL shirt.  If you aren't running the PTC Classic, meet at Drake for a 6:30 start.  I have no clue who's leading but I'm certain it'll be a riot.   

Also, this is the last few days to order the HNLiens hoodie.  Order will happen Saturday night so if you've failed to buy yet, this is the last call.  https://www.customink.com/g/nvv0-00b6-muef

If you order and don't reference my mom in the comment section, you'll be in the minority.  

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