10/22/16 - Read carefully!

Lots of info here.  Run tomorrow will start at Drake at 6:30  There will be triple three mile loops.  This is a great morning to bring a runner friend who is looking to get started again or one who wants to do all three loops in preparation for Thanksgiving. 

6:30 - 30 min

7:05 - 30 min

7:40 - 30 min

I'm going to try and make sure all three loops are the FULL 30 min so be ready! Weather might be a little chilly in the AM so come correct!

Need some feedback on a few items here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DHZMFY7

HNL shirts, an event next Wednesday, HNL digs deep web segment.  Vote early, vote often.  No, the shirt is not technical, nor is it a tank top, or a v neck, or sleeveless, or gendered. It's just a damn cotton shirt made from the tears of conflict diamond miners. Yes, it is freaking awesome. No, you can't see it first.  If you support fair trade cotton, this is not the shirt for you.  It's gonna be $15 and I was only kidding about the diamond miners.  American Apparel is so green that you can reduce your own carbon footprint by 36% just by ordering one of these babies. 33% for Marc Fabre, that dude has some big ass carbon feet.

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