We'll begin our tour of PTC in the north.  The Kedron Village is named for Sir Edmund Kedron, a cousin of King George III.  A native of Everton, England, Kedron was sent to the colonies for the purpose of establishing a community in a temperate climate, connected by paths of golf.  Kedron is credited with establishing the community of Kedron, digging Lake Kedron, dredging Lake Peachtree, and luring Hoshizaki to PTC with municipal tax incentives.  Unfortunately, Kedron died of influenza just before Target started that thing where they give you $5 for getting immunized in the store. Sad. The end.

We'll meet at the Kedron Fieldhouse for a 6:30 start.  There might be rain for the longer loop so go ahead and start getting your mind right now.  There are plenty of people in the world who would love to have the ability you do so don't waste it....be there! All paces are welcome for both loops!

Kedron Fieldhouse
6:30 - 30 min loop
7:00 - 70 min loop


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