11/12/16 HNL 10K and Half Marathon


Two loops for a total of 13.1ish. Show up for a 6:30 start if you wanna do the 10K.  The course will be the HNL 10K loop.  There WILL be front to backs.  At 7:35 we'll start the second loop which will be the PTCRC 10K course. There WILL NOT be front to backs on the 7:35 loop.  Should be fun. We have at least one person completing their LDF and first half marathon tomorrow. Anybody else?

6:30 - 60 min with front to backs

7:35 - PTCRC 10K course without front to backs.

Yes, I've done the math.  We will run the mile loop at the end IF NEEDED.

Drink water, get your minds right, HNL! 

Missing a race shirt?  Click here to pick up the winter 2016 HNL shirt.  Technology for the win!

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