11/26 Hash Run Info

Here are the details you’ve been waiting for!  Meet at Kedron Elementary at 6:45 am for a 7:00 am start.  This will be a hash run so there will not be front to backs.  Look here for some symbols you might see on the trail:


Remember, you have to see three checks before you know you’re on the true trail.  Look for whichy ways and check backs for sure.  There will be shiggy so wear tall socks and older shoes.  Volunteer Gerry will be at the end and can carry several folks back to the start in one of the pickup trucks as this will be a one way run.  I’ll need three electric griddles.  Scott Munn, Tania Dias, Rodney Martin, bring them please!  You’ll be giving them to Gerry who will carry them to the end point for the food.  Any extension cords will be welcome and used.  Thank you!  If anybody wants to volunteer to burn the food, that would be awesome.  Ernie? 

Everybody bring $5 for two beers, pancakes, and sausage at the finish.  Got a gallon of OJ for non beer drinkers.  There will be a beer stop along the route but there will only be 12 beers so it’s not guaranteed.  All hashers must be prepared to have an open mind about running off road.  There will be spots where you are literally running through the woods, on the earth, without a path, maybe without your shoes.  Total trail distance should be between 4 and 6 miles.  Get your minds right.  These are always fun.  Be there!      

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