12/15 Caroling 12/16 Run

Ok, we're gonna give the caroling a try again tomorrow.  The start will be Fresh Market at 6:15 PM.  Park in the big lot away from the store so we don't take up their space.  Meet in front of Scott's Academy of Danciness for a 6:15 PM start.  The loop should be between 6 and 8 miles, not all running.  Bring a golf cart if you want to ride.  Do not drink and drive.  Call Uber, call your mom, call David's mom. If you are on Facebook, please respond to the event posted there so we know how many folks to prepare for. The finish will have a food purchase option if you want to hang out after we're done.

We'll have a Saturday morning run at Drake!  60 min loop starting at 6:30.  You get bonus points if you are on the caroling trip and make it to the 60 min loop Saturday morning.

See you soon!

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