2/24 Run - DRAKE! - C25K Big Day!!!

It’s been a great day and the weekend is looking to be awesome.  Low sixties tomorrow morning! How freaking great is that? Looking forward to getting out there and getting after it in the morning.  Came across something this week that I thought you hard ass working folks might enjoy. When we consider all the conveniences in our lives, why on earth would someone CHOOSE to participate in activities like running or cycling?

“Embracing inconvenience may sound odd, but we already do it without thinking of it as such. As if to mask the issue, we give other names to our inconvenient choices: We call them hobbies, avocations, callings, passions. These are the noninstrumental activities that help to define us. They reward us with character because they involve an encounter with meaningful resistance — with nature’s laws, with the limits of our own bodies — as in carving wood, melding raw ingredients, fixing a broken appliance, writing code, timing waves or facing the point when the runner’s legs and lungs begin to rebel…”

Let’s get out there tomorrow and build some character. We’re back at Drake and the C25K group is gonna need some support cause it’s a big day tomorrow.  If you’re in the first group, consider sticking around for a 15 min run with us!

6:30 – 70 min

7:45 – 30 min


7:45 – 30 min run 15:00 run 15:00 walk

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