3 Mile Island - DRAKE - Early option

We'll have four loops tomorrow, all on the same route.  The photo below shows the approximate 3 mile route from Drake, along the entire length of Flat Creek, the path next to Peachtree Parkway, then into The Highlands, onto the path back to the start.  We will start each loop on the half hour with different types of run for each loop.  Should be fun and a great spot for beginners to jump in!

6:30 - Timed Easy Run - No front to backs, time your loop
7:00 - Paired Race - Pair up with someone of similar speed, one of those runners runs the course in reverse. Its a race.
7:30 - Indian Run - Similar pace groups, Indian run the loop
8:00 - Timed Tempo Run - No front to backs, beat loop 1

For anyone interested, there will be a 60 min early group leaving Drake at 5:30 for a 60 min loop led by Scott Porter!

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