3rd of July à la carte Contest - TEAMS OF 3 RUNNERS

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for.  Our first a la carte contest of the year.  Teams should be three people each and be diverse in gender and nationality.  We'll pick teams at the start which is Drake.  Let's shoot for a 6:30 start so be there a little early to divide into teams.  The menu is below.  Each team will have from 6:30 to 8:30 to complete as many or as few items as they would like.  It's all on the honor system so don't be a jerk and cheat.  Winning team will have special (and I mean SPECIAL) recognition on the HNL sites.  Be there a little early but please take a look at the menu and think of a strategy.  Also, please utilize FB to ask any questions about the menu or how the scoring works.  We'll meet at Starbucks at 8:45 to collect the scores.  If you can't make it to the Starbucks portion of the event, post your team name and score before 8:45.

Complete Lake Peachtree Loop - 3 Points

Double Peak Challenge (Blue Smoke and Shake Rag) – 6 Points

10K Loop – 6 Points

PTC City limit photo with group (properly posted on the HNL page) – 3 Points

1 Complete track mile backwards – 3 Points

McIntosh High School stadium stairs circuit x10 – 4 Points

Two Kroger Challenge (being in the parking lot of each will suffice) – 6 Points

3 Elementary Schools – 3 Points

Swimming in a fountain (all team members must be in the water) – 6 Points

3 Churches – 3 Points

Swimming in a pool (all team members must be in the water) – 3 Points

Kedron Fieldhouse Hill Goodness x2 – 2 Points

Lake McIntosh Park – 6 Points

Clover Reach Pull Ups (10 each) – 2 Points

Each total mile completed by the group – 1 Point

Each American in the group – 2 Points

Each Foreign national in the group – 1 Point

Bouncing a ball between group members during the entire run – 3 Points

City Hall to Riley Track and Back – 3 Points

Fast food on the run (only 1 member has to actually eat it) – 2 Points

100 Push Ups during the run – 2 Points

100 Sit Ups during the run – 2 Points

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