4/14 BUSY DAY!!!

60 degrees at the start tomorrow....60! It's going to be one hell of a day at sea!

The run is first. We'll have two loops and all paces are always welcome. Get your mind right, come out and join the insanity. We'll do 70 min then 30. Drake is the start location and it would be really great if we could fill up the parking lot and take a group photo at 7:45. I'll have magnets if you want to purchase one or if you're a Smerka and you're owed two! Suck it up, buttercups!

Ruck is next. We'll meet at PTC Kmart (AKA Crosstown Baghdad) for a 10:00 AM start. We're rucking for the local VFW so if you can, click here and help us buy them some new furniture: https://2018-hnl-ruck-march.cheddarup.com Lindsey and Matt do a great job of coordinating this each year and this one is no exception. It'll be a tough day so get your mind right. Come with a pack containing 20% of your body weight. It will take us about 3.5 to 4 hours to ruck the ruck loop so embrace the suck and come walk through the muck like a schmuck duck in a truck run amok.  BRING DRY CLOTHES AND SHOES IN YOUR PACK if you wish to suffer less. There will be water involved. It's for a good cause and there is beer involved so be there! Half ruck of 2 hours is an option if you want it.

Nap follows the ruck. Since we finish at Rusk's house, we're all going to pile into his bed and get snugged up for an old fashioned group nap. The California twin at the Rusk compound has held up to 17 mother ruckers in the past so let's break some records. Packs and shoes are to be left outside for the dogs to chew on.

Race update! Massive shoutout to Lindsey, Melissa, Izzy, and Julie who have been working hard this week to keep us moving in the right direction! Thanks for your work, ladies! We've got a complete permit and we'll be submitting soon so keep your fingers crossed. There is a race in Hampton coming up: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=51251 which you need to sign up for. They appear to be near experts on what we're shooting for so register and we'll head out to do some "research".  Thanks to Geoff for finding that race!

Really want to do a hash or slow ride next week. If you've got ideas let me know tomorrow. This weather is too perfect to miss an opportunity to drink beer at dawn...or on a bike......or on a bike at dawn.

Last thing. C25K v2.0. We're doing another couch to 5K program to get some of our lurkers back out onto the paths. We'll start the program the Saturday after school gets out and we'd like to encourage kids to be part of the program. Start talking this up and recruiting! Running is a great way to get healthy and we need to spread the love that is hot and humid summer runs! Sure would be great to get some leaders involved in leading some of the C25K runs. Need some help here!

Drake is the place tomorrow. Bring $5 for a magnet. HNL tees and tanks will be available for order at the end of next week!

6:30 - 70 min loop

7:45 - Group photo

7:50 - 30 min loop


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