4/28 SHIRTS – 48in48 – American Legion – Slow ride Friday

Everybody be sweet and don’t be weird. We’ve got guests reading along today.

If you have not ordered your HNL swag, please get this done ASAP! I’m shutting down the order next weekend so we can get this sweet swag on the streets. If you are ordering from Boston, I’ll ship them to you with some HNL extras!

Here is the tee option: https://www.customink.com/g/nvv0-00bd-7vfh

Here is the tank option: https://www.customink.com/g/nvv0-00bd-6jjd

Boston? Yes. Boston. HNL was fortunate to be chosen to participate in the 48in48 hackathon where web designers, developers, and project managers gather for a 48-hour event to build 48 websites for non-profits (48in48.org). When I applied for this event, I assumed (if chosen) we’d be at the Atlanta event in Fall 2018. Well, I was wrong. HNL is going to be the proud new owners of a legit corp website by the end of this weekend! The team creating our site comes from Slalom, a Seattle based consulting company full of technologists and badasses. They will be delivering a truckload of legitimacy to our organization and we’re really grateful for their help.

So, HNL will finally have a place to send people who want to know what HNL is about. Runhnl.com is not going anywhere, it’s still going to be the place for the run info and run on sentences. HNL needed a place to point donors and customers to learn more about the organization and what we're about. Hell, some of you reading this are thinking, “just what are we about, anyway?” I know. It can be a mess sometimes but the process of creating content for the 48in48 event has been a really good thing for us. HNL, Inc. is the umbrella all the HNL projects fall under. The URL for our new site is www.hnlinc.org and we should see something there soon. Thanks to Megan and the rest of the Slalom team for hooking us up. We had a great conversation today about HNL and I’m so excited to see what they come up with. BTW, they told me that they might call at odd hours over the next 48 so I gave them David’s number.

I’m trying to get this out quick so I can meet Rob at Sam’s to pick up the chairs for the American Legion. The ruck raised enough to meet all the chair needs so now we will load them up and eat hotdogs before we deliver them to the Legion this afternoon. If you want a Sam’s hotdog, HMU and I’ll keep it in the car till tomorrow.

DO NOT MISS THE SLOW RIDE! Next Friday we’ll meet at Big Daddy’s for a slow ride. We’re not staying there! We’ll drink a beer and vote/fight on where to go next. There will be margaritas and beer consumed. Get your mind right and get out there with us. There is a FB event set up on our FB page. Please hit the going button so we know how many bail bondsmen to retain. Bring your mouthguard and keep your damn hands up this time.

Tomorrow we’ll have two options both from Drake. Be there!

6:30 – 60 min

7:35 – 30 min

Front to backs and all that. All paces welcome and nobody left behind! Let’s get after it!

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