5/13 NEW LOCATION! - sappy content - awesome and beautiful - word to your moms

How’s your day?  Wanna make it awesome? Do something nice for someone before the sun goes down today.  It doesn’t have to be life changing, just nice and on purpose.  Enjoy the fact that you’ve got a pretty great life and relatively few problems.  Spreading kindness helps make the world a better place.  It helps us realize happiness exists in the moments of life rather than a destination we reach when some arbitrary checklist is completed.  Keep being the awesome people you are! 

NEW LOCATION for the run tomorrow.  One of my favorites!  We’ll meet at Brooks Elementary located at 119 Price Road, Brooks, GA 30205.  There will be two options:

6:30 – 30 min out and back

7:00 – 10K Loop

Make an effort to make it out to Brooks tomorrow. I promise you won’t regret it.  The scenery is always gorgeous. When I was in Orlando earlier today, a kid in line was telling his dad what he thought of Disney.  The kid said, “It was awesome and beautiful.”  Here’s to awesome and beautiful tomorrow morning!  Happy Mother's Day to the moms!  

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