5/20 Run Info - Special Edition PTC Subway Run

So we're finally back at Drake tomorrow morning.  We're gonna step out of our comfort zone a bit and mix it up with this collectors edition PTC subway run.  This is also a great time to come back to HNL if it's been awhile.  Here's how it works: each "line" is about 1.5 miles long.  We need to divide into three equally sized groups and each group will run their respective line.  When we return from the segment, each runner chooses a different line.  Three lines, three options.  Come for one, stick around for them all, leave after the middle, whatever you want.  Part of the goal here is to get folks into mixed groups on each segment so don't get too used to your first segment group.  Mix it up.  Starbucks after!  Free coffee for the top five most expensive single coffee drinks you can dream up during the run.

Good luck to our HNL Chattanooga Half Ironman competitors on Sunday!  Way to get after it!  Yall have applied some serious commitment to the task (and some crazy haircuts), good luck! 

Here is the map:

Here are the times:

6:30 - 1st Segment
7:05 - 2nd Segment
7:40 - 3rd Segment

Yes, front to backs will happen.  Be aware of this in your groups and don't forget anyone!

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