6/13 HASH RUN - Battery Way Boat Docks Start

Be at the Battery Way Boat Docks parking lot by 6:15 to participate in the chalk talk before the run.  Whats a hash run?  Glad you asked.  The run format is different from our normal runs.  Instead of front to backs, there will be a trail for you to follow. Sometimes the trail is tricking you.  The folks up front will get more miles than the folks in the back.  The trail is not always on the path or grass.  This trail will include some shiggy (look it up) and some climbing so you've been warned.  This is not for the faint of heart, don't show if you are afraid of heights, snakes, gorillas, water, weeds, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, poison dogwood, snow, ice, people, running, sunrise beer consumption, or small pox.  If you are planning on coming tomorrow, you'll need a few things.: Knee high socks, sidewalk chalk (really important for the three up front runners), beer, a positive attitude, a foul mouth, a thick skin, medical insurance, and a complete release of liability for any tragedy that will most certainly occur before 9:00 am.  Seriously, the beer is not provided, you have to bring the beer you're going to drink. We'll have the cooler.

I also need at least one or more non-running volunteers for carrying a cooler to the undisclosed end point.  If anybody with a pickup truck could volunteer their vehicle for tomorrow morning, that'd be great.  We also need someone to volunteer a large cooler and ice.

Anyway, get your minds right and meet at the Battery Way Boat Dock parking lot at 6:15.  If you are late, you'll miss the chalk talk and be totally lost.  Here are the basics:  The dot of flour is your guide.  If you are following the dots, you're probably on the true trail.  After any intersection, there has to be at least three checks before you can confirm you're on the true trail.  Let everyone know you're on the true trail by shouting "ON-ON" so they can follow.  Sometimes, a true trail ends with a check back (CB).  Should you reach a CB, it will have a number beside it.  Go back that number of dots and look 360 for the true trail.  Once you find it, holler for the rest of the folks and help a brother/sister out!  Sometimes you'll come to a check where the trail has to be found.  It's a 360 degree search with a possible range of 25 yards to get looking!  Once you figure it out, use that chalk and lead the people behind you.  Beer near (BN) is the symbol you'll see right before the end.  Look forward to an ice cold beer and or other drink you've brought.  Other ones that might have been forgotten or omitted will be discussed at the chalk talk in the am.  This is a lot of work, you jerk faces better show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers      

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