6/17/17 - Summertime Goodnes! Two loops, triathlon Friday, HNL Road Race

We need to talk.  All of us.  Be there tomorrow so we can do just that. 

Three loops will give us just the time we need to get this done.  Here are the topics we need everyone to discuss tomorrow morning:

1.  How much do you love/hate the idea of the Dirty South 10K being transformed into a triathlon?
2.  How psyched are you about a real life HNL road race in 2017? (scale of 1-PSYCHED)
3.  What special skills do you have to lend to the race effort?
4.  What do you really like about your favorite race and how can we steal it for HNL?

All loops start at Drake!

6:00 - 30 min
6:30 - 60 min
7:30 - 30 min

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