6/2 - Still time for C25K newbies! - Parade confirmed - Drake loops tomorrow

If you know anyone still interested in joining the C25K group, there is still time! Linda will lead the same intervals we ran last week so come out and bring the kids! If you are on the C25K program, you should be running the weekend intervals twice during the week. If you hurt, rest. If you're thirsty, drink water. If you're lazy, get off your ass.

HNL will participate in the PTC 4th of July parade this year and we will need your help. Let us know if you can walk the parade route with us and throw stuff at people. We're still deciding what our float design will be and what to throw so if you've got any ideas, we're open.

We'll be at Drake tomorrow;

6:30  - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:05 - C25K 30 min 2:00 run 2:00 walk intervals.

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