Chilly Run - Coat Donation - Good Times

Two options for tomorrow's run.  Full marathon folks keep getting up earlier and earlier!  You half folks need to jump in now or have regret in March.  Full marathoners distance is 14, half is 3.  Starting at Drake.  The cold makes us aware that there are some folks who live outside and nights like tonight and the temps will be brutal.  Get in that coat closet and bring a coat to donate.  The collected coats will be delivered to Atlanta Union Mission, a great organization we've partnered with before.  We will also keep some of the coats for a great Atlanta ruck/delivery opportunity coming soon. 

Here are the details:

5:15 - 75 min

6:30 - 60 min

The 6:30 loop will have turnaround options for those wanting less than a 10K.  Don't be afraid of the cold!  Come out and bring that coat!   

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