Christmas Eve Run! Lots of options! Shirts are here! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Tomorrow will be the annual Christmas Eve run from Drake.  There will be quite a few options so come out if you can.

5:10 - 80 min

6:30 - 30/50/80 min - These will be whatever you want them to be.  It's going to be a 40 min out, 40 min back route.  I'll help with the math should you need it. 

Leo will be there with the coconut goodness. Don't miss out!  Starbucks to follow.

I have a shirt for Geoff, Christina, Amy, Stephanie, Trisha, Michele, Matt, Mark, Michelle, Scott, Jennifer, Brett, Kathy, Anna, Doris, Mikema, and Josh.  Wait, I'm totally wearing mine tomorrow! 

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