Country Mouse Loops

There once was a county mouse who lived just outside of the suburban bustle of Peachtree City.  The country mouse never ventured into the city; he'd heard too many rumors of drunken pineapple parties and runners who drank water infused with tubers and herbs.  Always a clean living mouse, he didn't want to get any of the sinful city on his clean county conscience so he did all of his long runs on the country roads.  During one August early morning long run, the country mouse was deep in thought as he clipped along at a punishing pace.  His little mouse heartbeat mixed with mousy EDM drowned out the sound of the truck approaching from the darkness behind.  In an instant, his simple country mouse life was snuffed out and the tiny earbuds played on to a vacant audience.  Later, vultures ate him all up.

The moral of the country mouse story is simple: City dwellers are much smarter than country folk.  We always run with a flashlight.  Don't be like the asshole country mouse, make yourself visible. 

Tomorrow we'll run in honor of the dead country mouse.  We'll start at Brooks Elementary which is located at 119 Price Road in Brooks, Georgia.  At 6:30 there will be an out an back route which will take 40 min.  At 7:10, we'll run the Brooks Day 10K course which might take more than 60 min.  For those interested in avoiding the vulture part at the end of the story, bring the appropriate gear.  Peace out.            

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