F**k hashtags and retweets, we 140 characters in these streets!

We’re getting the band back together!  Bringing back some of your favorites from yesteryear and inviting new runners to come experience the coolest running group around.  Beginner and veteran friendly options tomorrow, all from Drake.  If you’ve been away for awhile or thinking about trying HNL, Saturday is for you!

Here are the options, all paces welcome. 

6:30 - 20 min out and back (for the people!)

6:30 - 45 min loop (for some other people!)

7:20 - 60 min loop (for your mom!)

Check out HNL 101 above for the basics on how we work.  If you’re an HNL vet, wear an HNL shirt.  If you paid for a shirt, I’ll have it tomorrow.  Let’s get after it!   

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