NEW TIME NEW LOCATION - Taper run - 11/19/16 - Shirt link - Clover coffee

We'll start a bit later tomorrow at a new spot.  Look for us at The Avenue Starbucks in PTC (54/74) for a 7:00 start.  HNL has 10 coupons for a free specialty drink or food item of any size.  The first 10 people who have a crisp $1 (or more) bill for tip will be the lucky recipient of a reward coupon.  Make it good, people. Don't get a $2 brewed coffee!  Get a $14 mocha frappe almond milked cappa dunka chino.  HNL is thankful for the first 10.  We're just kinda thankful for #11 - #25.

7:00 - 60 min

8:00 - Coffee

Hey! Don't forget to order a shirt!  I'm keeping this open until 11/30. If you don't order here, you don't get a shirt.  That survey you took was just to get an idea, this is the real deal.  No order here, no shirt.  Don't cry about it, just order.   

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