Saturday Ruck Info - Carry The Fallen

The ruck is on!  Here is the info you're looking for.  We will meet at the finish and carpool to the start.  If you've got a big SUV/van/peoplemover, bring it please!  If you want to volunteer to drive people, we could use your help! 

Everyone is welcome here, please bring friends!

Meet at PTC City Hall at 2:30.  We'll group up and leave for the start at 2:45.  The start is at Publix on 74 south, we will start at 3:00.  The route will wind through the city and finish at PTC City Hall Veteran's Memorial by 6:00.  The route is 11.45 miles, wear a pack with 25% of your body weight. I know this is a bit confusing, there will be a cheat sheet at the end.

Here is what the route looks like: