Shamrock 10K - GIFT CARDS DUE - Suck it up

Tomorrow is race day and it’s supposed to rain. This is not a problem. We have some great stuff happening with HNL these days and we can’t let a little rain deter us! If you’ve not yet done so, please hit the Shamrock 10K Facebook page and let us know what you’re bringing! Dee is graciously providing her patio, beer, OJ, and champagne. We’ll be collecting those gift cards tomorrow for the family burned out of their home. You will need a gift card in hand to get the HNL swag! Cards are going to the family on Monday! After today the HNL swag will be available for purchase. If you cannot make it tomorrow, we will come to your house and get the card and leave the gift. Email your address: and you’ll be on the list. Try and come out even if you can’t run, it’ll be fun!

Race starts at 7:00! 30 min warmup run loop at 6:30. 5K turnaround is on the course. There will not be any front to backs so KNOW THE ROUTE! Rain will probably wash the markings away so KNOW THE ROUTE! Here’s the good news, the course is easy to memorize! Just think Flat Creek and the lake.

Here’s the basics: Ga. Shrimp to Flat Creek Trail all the way around to Northlake Drive. Use the pedestrian bridge behind Partners then go down hip pocket and around the lake. Once you get around the lake, take the tunnel under at Peachtree City Conference Center and up the hill to the finish in front of Fresh Market! Easy! 5Kers turn around on Flat Creek when you encounter the HNL sign and you’re good! Everyone stay on the paths! Use the tunnels and bridges! We’ll have a warmup 30 min run at 6:30 for anyone interested. 6:30 SHARP!!! Here is a map: