Triple Loop Trail. Three options, TLT Capital T, ALL START AT DRAKE

Listen up, fruitcakes.  For those extremists who rock mics like vandals, light up stages, or wax chumps like candles, there will be a 5:30 am 6 mile option.  Scott Porter will dazzle you all with his knowledge of PTC paths while following the 10K route.  Hopefully there will be someone on that loop who can set him straight should he make a wrong turn.  It will be dark so bring a damn light.  For the mortals, we'll start from Drake at 6:30 for a 45 min loop toward David's house where we will rouse him from his sleep.  He will have beer for us to drink so be ready for that.  There will be another 45 min loop at 7:15 starting from Drake.  Starbucks after to hear the stories.  We'll need a volunteer to take David home.  Don't worry, he's up to date on his shots but he's got a new hairdo and it's FTD.  Combine the luxurious full head of hair with his new attitude and you've got Trouble (please notice the T in it's capital form).

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