Camp Grant 2019

Helping kids in need experience summer camp!

HNL is excited to help send kids to summer camp this year! We know that summer camp can be an awesome experience for kids but it can also be expensive.  HNL wants to pay camp tuition for kids who couldn't otherwise afford it.  Sports camp, horse camp, rocket camp, camp camp, each is an option. Kids can apply themselves or people can nominate them. The process is simple:

  1. Kids fill out the application or an adult nominates a kid by filling out the application;
  2. HNL Camp Committee meets and sorts through the applications;
  3. HNL Camp Committee selects the best applications;
  4. HNL pays the camp tuition directly to the camp for the dates chosen.

There is no limit to the type of camp we’ll fund. There is no limit on where the kid lives. There is no limit to how much the camp costs. There is, however, an advantage to being reasonable. We have a limited amount of funds, and we’re going to keep looking at applications and choosing stories as long as we have camp funds available. If you are reading this, there are camp funds available. We’ll remove the link once we’ve exhausted the funds or fall arrives.  

Please know that we cannot approve each application. We will notify the applicants after each committee meeting. Once we make a connection, we’ll fund the camp for the dates desired. We’re only funding the camp tuition so please don’t think we’re transporting them to camp, feeding them while they are there, or are in any way responsible for what happens to them. We just want to make sure the camp is paid for so they can have an awesome experience.



Good luck!