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Who we are

HNL is a project based non-profit organization committed to helping people in our community “level up”. From big needs like reliable transportation to small ones like help with the heating bill, we leverage our time and talent to spread kindness and make a measurable impact.  We’re different from the way traditional nonprofits work in that we don't have a narrowly focused subject matter. We want to be flexible enough to get involved when we see the need. HNL wants to make a substantial improvement for our customers then make a return on donor’s investment by sharing stories of success. We'd rather focus our time and talent on a single project at a time where we can make a big splash rather than spread our efforts thin. 


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2018 Overview

It’s been one hell of a year, HNL. 2018 was a year of growth for our organization thanks to the hard work and commitment of the HNLiens donating and getting it done. Much love to the helpers in this world! From the Level Up Community Grant to The Dignity Store to Runtoberfest, our projects are gaining traction and really helping people. In 2018 we put lots of hygiene items in the hands of kids and adults at six different Dignity Store locations around the south metro area. Our newest location is doing really big things at North Clayton Middle School. Look for continued success and growth in this idea. We’ve got some seriously dedicated folks working on this to get it done but we can always use more. The American Legion needed new tables and chairs so HNL stepped up and helped our beloved vets get what they needed. We packed over 2000 meals for kids who didn’t have summer lunch. When school was back in session, we showed our appreciation for the custodial staff at Booth Middle with a fancy lunch served by HNL volunteers. A local mom faced a personal tragedy when her special needs son died in a tragic accident. When she woke up the next day to handle the terrible business of making funeral arrangements, her car’s tire was flat and she didn’t have a spare or the means to get it towed and fixed. Fayette DFCS called to see if HNL might be able to help. HNLiens and Mask Tire in Fayetteville got her on the road with the quickness. We granted a local kid the means to grow his business and he’s making us proud! We collected tons of gift cards for a family burned out of their home and made a miserable experience just a bit less miserable. It’s not about you Christmas constructed 455 care packages for homeless people and 200 back packs for kids who need school supplies. Last week we packed 40 care packages for elderly folks here in PTC then delivered a washing machine to a most deserving lady who was in need. In the past week we delivered a brand new laptop to a special needs student. His mom was blown away by the generosity HNL showed toward her son for Christmas. You also delivered a gift card for clothing to a student who was facing ridicule because she wears the same clothing to school every day. Kids can be so damn mean. In addition to all this awesomeness, we planned and executed our inaugural 5ishK race so that we can send kids to summer camp next year. Wow. So many people helped with all this. Your help is so appreciated. Thank you so much!!!!

HNL exists for the purpose of making people's lives better.  We want to be involved in projects where we can make a real impact. In 2012, HNL set out to help a local hospice patient keep the power company from shutting off the heat.  HNL paid the bill until spring.  Keeping our donations local, HNL worked with a local elementary school counselor to ensure lower income students received an ice cream at lunch, just like everyone else.  When we learned some of these same kids go without snacks, we made sure teachers had extras to give the next week.  We've teamed up with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on multiple projects.  On Halloween in 2014, HNL threw a pizza party for the entire cancer and blood disorder unit at CHOA.  It was a large delivery and a huge success.  In 2015, CHOA asked for art supplies and HNL delivered.  High quality art supplies were collected and delivered to Hughes Spalding at Grady.  In 2016 we learned that kids in the ICU can only use new books, we collected and delivered in a big way.  In the spring of 2016 HNL learned of an Atlanta Mission need at their women's shelter, My Sisters House.  We delivered a carload of women's hygiene products which were split between the residents and the day center outreach facilities.  In 2017 we started The Dignity Store, a free store inside schools where kids can obtain needed hygiene products in a private and dignified way.  We have locations in Tyrone, Fayetteville, East Point, Atlanta, Clayton, and Griffin. At the end of 2017 HNL learned about a local mom who didn't have reliable transportation so we took on the challenge of purchasing the family a golf cart. It was an awesome project! We collaborated with Golf Rider to make sure the family's trips to the grocery store were much easier!  We love to support local causes and we love big ideas!