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HNL is a project based non-profit organization committed to helping people in our community “level up”. From big needs like reliable transportation to small ones like help with the heating bill, we leverage our time and talent to spread kindness and make a measurable impact.  We’re different from the way traditional nonprofits work in that we don't have a narrowly focused subject matter. We want to be flexible enough to get involved when we see the need. HNL wants to make a substantial improvement for our customers then make a return on donor’s investment by sharing stories of success. We'd rather focus our time and talent on a single project at a time where we can make a big splash rather than spread our efforts thin. 

The HNL run group was organized in 2009 by mediocre runners who wanted to forget about pace and focus on the fun. We’re constantly evolving and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We strive to keep things interesting by changing up the distance and sometimes the terrain. The routes may change and some people may come and go but one thing will always remain: ALL PACES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! We start and finish as a group with front-to-backs. Several times during a run, the front of the group turns and runs to the back of the group. This lets everyone keep their own pace while staying together. This is what makes us different and very inclusive. Be brave and come give us a try, we promise you’ll find it easy to fit in. The price is right, it’s always free!