The Dignity Store

The Dignity Store is a free store inside a school where kids can get needed hygiene items in private. We want to provide needed items to students in a dignified way. Students who are in need of food, hygiene, or supplies can discreetly notify school staff and have access to the high quality items we stock. Dignity is our highest priority; student’s identities will never be revealed.

The Dignity Store is currently operating in six different locations: Flat Rock Middle in Fayette County, Rachel’s Ray of Hope in Fayette County, Asa Hilliard Elementary in Fulton County. Cowan Road Elementary in Spalding County, Hope Hill Elementary in Fulton County, and North Clayton Middle in Clayton County. Each of our locations are decorated to warmly welcome our customers and provide a safe spot for them to get what they need. We only stock high quality items kids can be proud to own.

By providing children with the means to take care of themselves, we are empowering them to help themselves.

Some of our customers are experiencing extraordinary life events and transition. For these kids, we provide more than deodorant, tampons, or shampoo. We give them a small measure of control over their circumstances. We hope it will help them on their way back to normalcy and routine.

We’re changing our community by providing kids most basic needs.  When children don’t have to worry about stuff like toothpaste and soap, they can focus better in class. Removing just a bit of uncertainty makes a huge difference in their lives.